How It Works

Non-recourse funding is risk-free to you. If your case is not 
successful on appeal, you do not repay the funding.

Appellate Advance provides non-recourse funding to attorneys and their clients. 

 We fund cases in which the plaintiff has won a judgment at trial, but from which the losing defendant has taken an appeal.

Non-recourse funding is risk-free to you. It means that if your case is not successful on appeal, you don't have to repay the funding.

Funding is made to attorneys as advances on their contingency fees. Funding is typically used by attorneys for working capital for the law firm, paying case costs and expanding their practices through marketing and advertising for new cases. 

Funding can also be made to your clients. Clients typically use the funding for living expenses while the appeal is pending, medical expenses, major life purchases, such as a home, or to finance the costs of the appeal itself.

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